The biography of pop singer/songwriter Adam Miller
Adam Miller  
Pop singer/songwriter Adam Miller has brought years of musical education, a rural upbringing, and a spacy sense of technotopia to his current home, the San Francisco Bay Area, to begin a music deluge that will poise the artist for stardom.  

After releasing the 13-song album Haunt You in August of last year, Miller has begun a promotional campaign seeking local press and booking engagements.

Haunt You will be featured in local performances, but a healthy portion of the live show will include new material that will lead up to the release of his second independent studio album.

Adam Miller, raised in rural upstate New York, migrated to California to attend Stanford University, where he studied at the renowned Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), and completed a degree in Music. As a trained classical pianist and prolific pop songwriter in college, Miller experimented with the foremost trends in technology and computer music, to give rise to his distinctive sound - strong pop melodies and hooks over a lush orchestration that includes a spacy and otherworldly technological component.
Miller is hoping to build a local community following for his music in the Bay Area with plans to expand farther as time goes on. In addition to local press coverage and booking engagements, Miller's management is particularly interested in film & television licensing and Internet marketing opportunities.
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