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Grey Hallway  

Let Them Fly
Down By The Sun
Easter Grass
Barefoot in the Backyard
Sky Falling
What Have I Got To Lose?
Grey Hallway
Don't Try
Six Feet To Go

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(A. Miller)  

young doctor, in the night
yes, you lost him, but you helped him fight
the greyest hallway is in your mind
finding meaning in the science

it's addicting, they call you divine
they give you water, you make it wine
so what's the problem? you're asking why -
what's the reason the child had to die?

you're an angel cast against the sky
you're changing, you blame yourself inside
you're in danger of leaving us behind
and watching from the sky . . .
watching from the sky

you're pacing, your heart is racing wild
you cry from fear, from anger, from pride
there's just one question you ask a thousand times
and from your god, it seems there's no reply

a triple witching, you'll hitch yourself a ride
you'll bring the baby back, you'll snatch him from the sky and now you're screaming, you rage against the night you need forgiveness that the blackness can't provide

but you're an angel, baby don't you cry
you're an angel shaking like a child
you're a stranger in a world that's still alive
and you watched another die . . .
watched another die

young doctor in the night
there's an answer in your eyes
you're in the grey hallway all alone
you fought your battle, you didn't win, go home

and know that you're an angel cast against the sky you're enraged but you know how hard you tried
you're entangled in the fragile web of life
and it's good to be alive . . .
good to be alive

it's good to be alive

1998 Adam Miller. All Rights Reserved.    
2007 Adam Miller. All Rights Reserved.