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Let Them Fly
Down By The Sun
Easter Grass
Barefoot in the Backyard
Sky Falling
What Have I Got To Lose?
Grey Hallway
Don't Try
Six Feet To Go

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(A. Miller)  

a thread of hope
that's all that we hold on to
that's all that keeps us warm
and the rain falls alone on me

they're familiar eyes
there's something deep inside them
something alive
something that reminds me

an enchanted night
all the angels kneel before us
in the warm electric light
as you stand beside me

and baby, I . . .
I know that somewhere, someplace
we were lovers in the night
in another place, in another time
in a dream

that look in your eyes
I would wait
you make me kneel down and pray

I bide my time
you're so far from me
that distance in your eyes
I don't know if you see me

and there you are!
you're dancing all around me
as the rain shimmers down
and shivers inside me

somewhere in time
when love was all around me
in a story they read me as a child
love was magical, love was holy and proud

and never died
don't you see that's all that matters
they don't know what we know now
and they will never make me say goodbye

you are my faith
you make me kneel down and pray

and I love you
but you know
we are dancing in the road
I'm falling . . . does it show?
and maybe
I'll never let you go

and there you are!
like a memory in the evening
a wish on a star
somewhere behind me

enchanted eyes
I know that you can feel me
in your blood and your disguise
'cause you're already inside me

you are my faith
you make me kneel down and pray

1998 Adam Miller. All Rights Reserved.    
2007 Adam Miller. All Rights Reserved.